A commitment to innovation and adaptability

TalentPort is an IT Consultancy firm that specializes in the development of institutional grade financial applications

The world of finance has been transformed by rapid advancements in technology. Financial software development has become the backbone of the modern financial industry

TalentPort builds customizable automated trading solutions and provides the following services:

Trade data in real-time

Perform real-time monitoring of trading statistics, including day trading volume, open volume on the market, P&L.

Automated Trade Execution

Develop trading/execution algorithms which processes transactions volumes of 100,000’s per second with single digit internal latency (μs).

REST/WS API Deployment

Develop REST/WS API’s for programmatic management of trading bots and risk rules.

Automated alerts and reporting

Receive/view trading alerts in email notifications. Receive/view automated Trade Reports and Account Balances.

Auto hedging

Highly customizable hedging configurator can support even the most demanding logic.

Security Penetration Testing

Perform security penetration testing using Black Box, White Box, and Gray Box methods.

An array of resources

Our comprehensive suite of software development services caters to algorithmic, high frequency, quantitative traders ranging from proprietary trading firms, hedge funds, to boutique investment firms.

Our developers have extensive backgrounds that specialize in

  • Quantitative development
  • Quantitative research
  • Derivatives Trading

We optimize project costs

  • We analyze a client’s business needs to define an optimal feature set for the finance solution and avoid packing it with unnecessary functionality.
  • We apply an iterative approach to TalentPort’s software development to introduce essential features first and enable faster payback from software implementation. 
  • With our proven frameworks and ready-made components, we can streamline custom financial software development and cut its cost.

With our experience in building institutional grade trading technology, we can develop tailor-made software solutions to execute your trading strategy.

Szu Han Chang

CoFounder and Director